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The focus of EMS

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From tonight’s recording of EMSGarage:

In the 70′s. we all watched Emergency and the focus of the industry was on the E.

After that it was all about the M- better training, better drugs, better medicine.

Today, the industry is moving towards a focus on the Service we are giving to our customers.

Maybe we should call it “SME?”

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Written by ben

November 5th, 2008 at 8:31 pm

Posted in ideas,Podcasts,random

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  1. Highly agree. When I was in PA school, one attending intensivist in the ICU would always catch students (and residents, and nurses, and other docs…) staring at the bedside monitor, not the patient, prompting a stern reminder to “treat the patient, not the monitor.” Focus on the patient, view them as a customer, make it all about them. Training has got to continue to emphasize sound history-taking and physical exam skills as the most important tools in a pre-hospital caregiver’s bag. It’s also got to include a healthy dose of empathy (hard to train that into some folks–they either have it or not, in my experience), without which we are all just technicians, not caregivers.

    Will Moye

    12 Dec 08 at 8:54 pm

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