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How much A&P class did you have before Paramedic school?

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I will toot my own horn for a second: I took a semester each of college level Anatomy and Physiology, including 5 hours per week in a cadaver lab before I went to Paramedic school.  I have found that this knowledge has been some of the most valuable possible for me moving forward in my paramedic career.

I now see many Paramedic programs that teach A&P with a coloring book and open book tests.  I have a hard time thinking that this is an area where you can cut corners.

Do yourself a favor: if you haven’t, go to your local community college and take a semester’s Physiology You’ll balk at how much it does for your understanding of your patients problems and what the drugs are doing for them. Also, contact your local community college or medical school (if there’s one nearby) and find out about opportunities to get into a cadaver lab. I can show you a picture of where the spleen is, but the value seeing it in a real body is impossible to reproduce.

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Written by ben

December 3rd, 2007 at 9:19 am

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